Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Cheap Foodie Challenge

Today starts a week I am dubbing "The Cheap Foodie Challenge", wherein I will attempt to eat like a foodie for no more than $15 per day. That amount must cover lunch and dinner (I don't normally eat breakfast) in a town where I often spend more than $15 on just one meal.

Dallas Cheap Foodie Challenge

To "eat like a foodie" means I won't be crutching on fast food chains, trying food I've never had before just because it's cheap, or compromising on fruits, veggies, and proteins— like I did when I ate nothing but free and half-off food for a whole week in 2011 and discovered it was mostly nutrition-less carb fillers and/or tiny portions of healthy food. I am also limiting myself to no more than two each of taco and burger joints because you could do nothing but visit all the best ones in Dallas and that'd be more than a week of cheap meals. I don't have any comped media events this week, so you'll be able to get the same values I'm getting. The goal here is to find a filling quantity and variety of delicious food at a great value. Can it be done?

Given these parameters, it wasn't easy to come up with a list of ideas, but I have enough places in mind to believe this challenge is feasible. And I'm excited about the prospects, so far my list includes a fancy steakhouse, ahi tuna, and crab!

Follow the hashtag #DFcheapfood on any of my 7 social media networks to see where I end up this week. I will update this list as I progress:








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