Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Best Chocolate Day of Your Life – 2013 Dallas Chocolate Conference

Do you LOVE chocolate? Do you love chocolate enough to be sober at 9 a.m. on a Saturday morning in Addison for the best chocolate tasting day of your life? Because the Dallas Chocolate Conference has been the best chocolate day of my life every year for the past few years, and this year, I want to share the experience with another true chocolate lover.

Preview tasting with chocolates by Sublime Chocolate and Kate Weiser Chocolates

The Dallas Chocolate Conference includes the largest and best selection of chocolates I have ever seen. Dallas chocolatiers, Dude Sweet, Sublime, Nib, CocoAndre, and more, will be there, along with chocolate makers, Valrhona, Tejas, and others, will be offering more chocolate samples, new flavors, and creative techniques than you can imagine. It's a glorious event for any true chocolate lover. I was given media passes to the V.I.P. early entry, which means my guest and I will get to taste all of the best chocolates before almost everyone else.

If you don't win my guest pass, I highly recommend buying a ticket for the earliest time slot available. Normal tickets are only $20, and the V.I.P. entry is $60. The conference also has chocolatiers and chocolate makers speaking all day, so you can learn things you never knew about how chocolate is made. This year's event is on October 26, with other events on other days.

To submit your name to be my guest: make sure you are available to be in Addison at 9-11am on Saturday, October 26, then leave a comment below or on any of my social media accounts linked on this page to let me know that you read these details and want to go. I will start seeking a winner on Tuesday, October 15, and will update this page when I have a guest confirmed.
UPDATE: a guest has been confirmed.


  1. Hi I would love to be your guest for this great experience. It would be amazing to sample these exquisite chocolates and gain your insights.

    I hope I win!


  2. Hey Danielle! Read all the details, I'm a morning person, chocolate is my life - let's go! I'm a Hospitality Management senior at UNT and would love the opportunity to experience such an event, especially since it was once a dream of mine to attend culinary school...Ready when you are!

    - Caitlin

  3. Wrong place to comment but really liked your hot chocolate picks. Very helpful for my hot chocolate article. Going to go check out Dude Sweet for sure! Sublime is quite tasty too. Thanks for the info
    CBS Twitter article writer.

    1. Ilene, Thanks for letting me know. The only thing I'd change about that article is to add Ascension Coffee's hot chocolate that didn't exist at the time of writing. Sublime is too far away for my Dallas parameters, but I've heard it's good. If you use any of my photos please credit and let me know.