Dallas Foodie is one of the most well-known independent food critics and bloggers in the Dallas- Fort Worth area. Visit the About Dallas Foodie page for her full bio. To see firsthand how Dallas Foodie influences what people eat, read her list of Favorited Tweets and the comments on her latest Instagram posts. To contact Dallas Foodie or request her Media Kit, please scroll down to the Contact section below.

Audience Reach

Dallas Foodie is best known for her mouthwatering food photography posts, each of which are published to at least 61,398 followers across 6 social media networks:

Other stats:

Core Audience Profile:

  • Residents and visitors of the Dallas - Ft. Worth metro area
  • People who enjoy the best food, local food, fresh food, chef-driven food, wine, craft beer, cocktails, and mixology
  • Foodies, chefs, home cooks, restaurant owners, bar owners, DFW news publications, mommy bloggers, Dallas bloggers, and other Dallas food critics
For more audience details, please contact Dallas Foodie and request her Media Kit.

Data last updated on Feb. 5, 2018.

Topics Covered

Dallas Foodie typically only covers food, drink, and events she can review in person. She does not write "roundup" articles for holiday specials. She is open to cover the following topics:
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Food stores
  • Food trucks
  • Cocktails, mixology
  • Wineries, wine
  • Liquor and spirits
  • Festivals and events featuring food or drinks
  • Grand openings
  • New menus, new chef
  • Industry news

In-Person Appearances

Dallas Foodie is open to appear in person, TV, radio, podcast, print, and online publications in capacities such as:
  • Reviewer, food critic
  • Food competition judge
  • Interviewee, interviewer
  • Freelance writer, guest blogger
  • Research studies
  • Public speaker, panelist
  • Event host
For rates, please contact Dallas Foodie and request her Media Kit.

Advertising Options

Some advertising possibilities include but are not limited to:
  • Sponsored social media posts
  • Blog ads
  • Sponsored products
For more info on options and costs, please contact Dallas Foodie and request her Media Kit.

Contact Dallas Foodie

More information is in the Dallas Foodie Media Kit, available upon request. The quickest way to reach Dallas Foodie is on her Facebook Page or Twitter. You may email press releases and event invitations to Dallas_Foodie {at} DGdesign .biz (translate that into a valid address). If you would like to reach all of the Dallas food bloggers, food critics, and food journalists, please contact Danielle through her Internet marketing company, DGdesign.