If you've ever wished you could drool over a print of your favorite Dallas Foodie photos, or you'd like an iconic "Dallas" image to decorate your walls, then you have come to the right page! Dallas Foodie photo prints are a smart way to decorate your dining room, kitchen, or office (warning: your co-workers may want to go to lunch with you more often!) There are over 3,400 Dallas Foodie photos posted online, and all of them are available for print.

A few of my most-liked photos of all time.

I use a professional printing service that prints on the same archival quality photo paper that art galleries and museums use to achieve that super-realistic pop of rich colors with pure whites. (The secret is actual silver in the paper fibers!) It looks white, but you can also get some sizes printed on actual silver metallic paper. "Archival quality" means the ink is scratch resistant, fade resistant (for generations), and waterproof.
  • 4x4" = $10 white glossy or matte
  • 8x8" = $16 white glossy or matte
  • 10x10" = $20 white glossy or matte, $22 silver metallic glossy
  • 12x12" = $24 white glossy or matte, $26 silver metallic glossy
  • Larger sizes are available upon request, however this will change the quality
Professional Mounting:
If you don't want to put your prints in frames, then you should get them mounted so the photos physically pop off the wall and look more professional. Mounting can also help a photo properly fill the gap behind many frames. This mounting is on a 3/16" black foamcore board and costs are per print:
  • 4x4" = not available
  • 8x8" = $12
  • 10x10" = $15
  • 12x12" = $15
Other Costs:
  • Shipping = $5 per order 
  • Tax = included
  • Payment can be made via PayPal or Chase QuickPay. Details will be provided when you order.
  • The easiest way to browse over 3,400 Dallas Foodie photos is to scroll back on Dallas Foodie's Facebook Page Photos tab or open the Instagram app's Search tab and browse all the Most-Liked photos hashtagged with #DallasFoodie5MostLiked.
  • A glossy finish enhances the colors and makes it look more real than a matte finish. But if you know there is a bright light source in the room that will reflect a glaring white spot on the print, then get matte.
  • Black and white photos most definitely look best on silver metallic glossy. I have compared it side by side with regular glossy. On silver paper, the whites are whiter and reflect the ambient room light in an awesome way!
  • Buy 2-3 different photos in the same size and hang them in a row, or hang 4 photos in a square to create the appearance of a larger work of art and your baller collector status!
  • A 4-inch print is fairly small— that's the size of a large drink coaster. This size might be best for an office cubicle or to collage a bunch of 4" prints to form a larger work of art.
  • If you'd like a print on a magnet, T-shirt, coffee mug, or other item, please email me and I will work with you to make it happen!
To Order:
Email Dallas_Foodie with your shipping address and screenshots of your chosen photos. Copy and paste the blanks below and fill them in for each photo:
  • Describe which photo: __________
  • Quantity: __________
  • Size (4, 8, 10, 12): __________
  • Paper type (glossy, matte, or silver): __________
  • Mounting (yes or no): __________
Danielle will reply with a preview of the print-optimized photo (with the Dallas Foodie copyright toned down) and online payment details.

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