Thursday, September 5, 2013

Be My Guest at GrapeFest

My friend at wrote the full article on this, but feel free to leave me a comment on this page.

Ladies and gents, this is a call for single men in Dallas who enjoy wine. Help your guy friends out here and let them know about this awesome opportunity to drink free wine with a fun single lady…

You may already know her as "Dallas Foodie". She posts about food and drinks in her social media profiles and occasionally writes for this site. She is also a personal friend of mine, so I can vouch for her awesomeness. She has an extra pass for an exclusive, behind-the-scenes, guided wine tasting tour of GrapeFest, so I told her I'd help her find an eligible gentleman to be her guest. This tour isn't available to the general public, so it is a very unique opportunity for a lucky guy. She wanted me to clarify that this is not a "date", but there are 140 Texas wines you can taste, so it's sure to be a fun time!


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  1. Replies
    1. How do i go about getting in this lottery pick???

    2. You would follow the instructions in the linked article above. If you leave an anonymous comment I can't know who you are.