Wednesday, September 11, 2013

"Check Their Fridge" Analyzes Your Date's Potential

What does someone's fridge say about their dating potential? That is the question "Refrigerator Dating Expert", John Stonehill, asks on his hilarious and insightful new dating blog, "Check Their Fridge".

I know Stonehill through the blogger community, so I've been following his blog since it launched. I had never considered someone's fridge to be an insightful way to learn about their personality and values, but I've been amazed at what Stonehill can tell about a date's potential just by looking in their fridge.

I figured I'd give Stonehill an illogical challenge: the mostly empty fridge of a female foodie (me), or as he put it, "This fridge screams 'foodie' as much as Jacksonville screams 'Super Bowl Champions'" and "That freezer looks as populated as downtown Detroit."

I tried not to tell Stonehill more than a guy would know if he dated me long enough to sneak a photo of my fridge. He'd definitely know I am "Dallas Foodie" and dine out a lot. So what does an empty foodie's fridge say about them? Stonehill's analysis is funny and surprisingly accurate, as usual…

Click here to read the analysis of my fridge at

Whether you just started dating someone or you've been a couple for years, go sneak a photo of their fridge and submit it to Stonehill for analysis!

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