Friday, December 9, 2011

Who Wants to Try Some Free Jalapeño Tequila?

Let's all give a little good will, and possibly get a little free tequila!

In a nutcracker's nutshell: I have the free tequila, and you have a favorite restaurant in Dallas who would probably love to know how much you love them. Together, we can put smiles on several people's faces! Here's how…

The Section About Free Tequila
A new tequila brand has invited me to bring a guest and try their tequila at one of several great Dallas bars. What I like about their invite is that this not a marketing promotional event; I get to go with my guest anytime I want and have fun chatting while we both drink some tequila, and then I mail them my receipt for reimbursement.

In the spirit of giving, I would like to give my guest spot to a fellow Dallas Foodie. I'd like this spot to go to someone with a clean jail record* (not that I'll be checking) and a strong interest in drinking 100% agave tequila “imbued with the essence of fresh jalapeños”, specifically in the form of one free “Jalapeño Margarita”. I am not a big fan of jalapeños, so it is important that you are because I'll be wanting you to more objectively tell me if it tastes any good so I can post your opinion and credit your Twitter/Instagram name. And of course, you must be at least 21 years old to win and drink.

Logistically, you would need to be available to meet me during happy hour on Wednesday, December 14 at one of my favorite restaurants/ cocktail bars in Dallas, but the winner will need to keep our location a secret until we get there. We can't have everyone showing up!

The Section About Your Favorite Restaurant
I will be selecting my guest based on my favorite response to the following question:

“What is your favorite restaurant in Dallas, and why?”

3 simple steps to enter this contest:

> 1. Leave your answer to the favorite restaurant question in a blog comment below. One or two sentences will do.

> 2. Tweet the italicized sentence below with your favorite restaurant's Twitter name in the blank spot. By doing this, the restaurant owner will be able to click the link and see the good things you're saying about them here, and I'll be able to find your entry via the #tequilacontest hashtag and follow you on Twitter.

I just declared that @_______________ is my favorite #restaurant in #Dallas in @Dallas_Foodie's blog #tequilacontest at

> 3. Follow me on Twitter @Dallas_Foodie so that—if you win—I can direct message (DM) you the secret location and determine the exact time when you can meet on Wednesday.

I will stop accepting entries on Tuesday, December 13 at 4:00PM CDT. I'll DM the winner on Twitter, verify their details, and announce the winner in the comments here, at Dallas Foodie on Twitter and Dallas Foodie on Facebook.

*In case you are likewise wondering if I have a clean jail record, you can find all of my social profiles linked at
Also, the tequila company is sending me a free bottle of this tequila. If it turns out I don't like the jalapeño, I may need to do another contest!


  1. Blue Mesa because of their incredible Sunday Brunch and mimosas while you wait for your seat!

  2. The contest is now closed. Winner is pending verification.

  3. And Eriqua (@MizEriqua) is the verified winner!