Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Best Ice Cream in DFW?!

If someone had to be a connoisseur of ice cream it'd have to be me. Ice cream has been my favorite food since I was a child, so I try to eat the local mom-n-pop brands everywhere I've lived and traveled. Unfortunately, Dallas does not have many options, but after three years of tasting ice creams here I finally discovered what may be the best ice cream in DFW- Wild About Harry's. It beats out the excellent flavors of Paciugo gelato, and that's quite a feat in this town!

At night, Harry's looks like a scary neon dive bar, even though it's on Knox Ave. right next to the shining white beacon that is the Apple store. As I walked by and saw the word "Harry's", I got a memory flash of reading a best ice cream list somewhere that had a location near this Apple store that was a man's name beginning with an "H". But I was pretty sure there is also

an ice cream shop up in the Addison/Frisco area that is a man's name beginning with an "H" that I've eaten twice before and it was terrible. (I just now Googled "Henry's" and that's the one I had before. Henry/Harry, no wonder I got the names confused!) The decor didn't seem the same though, so I went in.

Harry's doesn't have tons of flavors but it has tons of toppings/mix-ins. This doesn't faze me—it's the base ice cream that really matters! Harry's is thick, creamy, smooth, fresh, and full of flavor. Technically it's frozen custard, but I don't think most people know the difference. Harry's gives you a decent amount for the price too, although the price itself is a bit steep. You also gotta love the 1950's black and white checkered tile floor and green glitter vinyl stools.

I don't know that I have tried every ice cream in DFW, so that is why I stop short of saying Harry's IS the Best in Dallas. 

Do you like Harry's or have another favorite that you think is better?

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