Friday, January 22, 2010

What to Expect From This Blog Site

If you're looking for more insightful food reviews than typical bland comments like, "mmm this burger tastes great", then you've come to the right blog! Some of you may know me from my start on Twitter @Dallas_Foodie, and I hope you will follow me there and here. Although Twitter will remain my more frequent posting method, sometimes 140 characters just isn't enough to give you the whole truth (and all of my undercover iPhone photos) describing the taste, texture, and appearance of food, drinks, and my restaurant experiences around Dallas—and wherever else I travel.

In this blog you can look forward to many entries detailing my "Best of Dallas" food lists that I've tried and re-tested over several months. I'm actually a picky eater and a brutally honest person, so I'm not going to tell you something is the best in town unless it was really that good and I've compared it to several competitors. You can also look forward to detailed restaurant reviews, including the downright unflattering stuff, plus an occasional original recipe of mine and anything newsworthy in the world of food and drinks.

Your comments are appreciated and friendly debates are encouraged, so please subscribe to this blog now, and soon, you will be in-the-know about the best food spots in Dallas-Ft. Worth!

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