Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dallas Foodie Supper Club at Parigi

The Dallas Foodie Supper Club (#DFSupperClub) is a way for fans of Dallas Foodie's social media accounts to meet and eat with other local foodies. The intent of each event will vary from trying new foods or restaurants, to seeking the best of a certain food, to sharing one of Dallas Foodie's favorite foods. If you follow Dallas Foodie on any of her social media accounts, then you are automatically elligible to sign up for a Dallas Foodie Supper Club event.

Dallas Foodie Supper Club

#DFSupperClub events will always be announced with short notice on Dallas Foodie's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr, so be sure to follow her on at least one of these sites. Each meal will seat four people, including Dallas Foodie, so only three seats are available for tickets. This helps keep each event to a normal-sized party of four so restaurants can easily accommodate us. The nominal cost of the reservation ticket helps prevent people from taking one of these three seats and then not showing up. Each guest pays for whatever they order, just like at a normal dinner with friends—your new foodie friends!

The first #DFSupperClub event is at Parigi, so click that link for full event and reservation details. Parigi recently won Chefs for Farmers event best tasting food, beating out 40 of the best chefs in Dallas and Austin. Their winning dish is only available in the restaurant during dinner this week. Don't miss it!

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